Personal Information Collection and Usage Agreement

In order to provide services any matters including complaints related to recruitment, the office of Academic Affairs at UNIST would like to obtain your consent to collect and use personal information as follows.

1. Collected Items : Name, E-mail Address

2. Purpose of Collection : Identification, handling of complaints, Preventing indiscriminate posting, and statistics on complaints

3. Retention and Usage Period
The collected personal information through “Contact Us” will be used only within the scope of the collection purposes and a processing and retention period of information is no longer than 3 years from the date of agreement; the collected personal information will be promptly and securely disposed after the retetion period. Also, when a user requests the destruction of personal information, the operator disposes of the personal information without any delay and notifies the result.

4. Rights of the Users
Applicants have the right to refuse to provide the personal information below. The information provided through 'Contact Us' is essential for handling your inquiry and we cannot give you an appropriate answer if you refuse to provide it.

- I agree to the collection and use of the above collection and usage of personal information.
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