2022 The 6th UNIST Faculty Invitation(Industrial Engineering)

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Sep 26, 2022

    Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) was founded in 2009 as the fourth National Institute of Science and Technology in South Korea. Since its opening, UNIST has become a top-ranked research institute in South Korea and one of the world’s leading universities in science and technology, despite being younger than its peers.

     ■ Recruitment

    College Department Application period No. of Position
    College of Information and Biotechnology Department of Industrial Engineering Sep. 27th 2022 ~ On a rolling basis 2

    ■ Fields of Invitation

    Department Area of Specialty
    Industrial Engineering Methodological/theoretical areas of interest include but are not limited to statistics, stochastic optimization, machine learning, and data mining. Application domains of interest include but are not limited to healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics.

     ■ Enquiry: UNIST Academic Affairs Team

    – Email) [email protected], Tel) 052-217-1105

    ■ How to apply : Online application ONLY,

    http://invite.unist.ac.kr/ (Link)

    ■ Application Procedure

    Application Document Screening Department Seminar/interview

    (in English)

    Final Interview Decision Making of Final Candidates
    UNIST Invitation Website Result will be notified individually


    ■ Required Documents

    –  Resume or CV

    –  A list of references

    (with contact information, at least 3 recommenders)

    –  Future Research Plan

    –  5 representative papers

    ※ For more details, please refer to the page for faculty invitation at the department of Industrial Engineering

    ■ Eligibility

     – Candidates should have a Ph.D (or near completion of the degree for assistant professor-level applicants) in closely related disciplines (e.g., Industrial Engineering, Statistics, Computer Science) and demonstrate strong competence in research and teaching.

     – With no reason for disqualification based on related Korean Law

     – With ability to teach courses in English (All courses at UNIST are given in English)

    ※ We support women scientists.

    ※ More applications from well industrially experienced scientists are encouraged.

    ■ Note

    UNIST is well-known as the best place for research and academic growth. In particular, the Department of Industrial Engineering at UNIST, where young and enthusiastic faculty members collaborate actively with experienced senior members, prides itself on its culture, capabilities, resources, and high-quality student body. The department searches for researchers who pursue original research for academic excellence and real impact, teachers who care for students, and talented and robust people eager for continuous growth and achievement. Our hiring philosophy is that instead of simply counting the number of publications, we seek applicants with academic intelligence, integrity, grit, and potential for excellent research and educational contributions.

    The university offers a competitive compensation package. Faculty members at UNIST receive the highest starting salaries among all universities in Korea. Faculty members also receive generous start-up research grants and comprehensive benefits, including modern on-campus housing and moving expenses. In addition, a daycare center for children under the age 7 is available on campus. The teaching load is six credits per year (two major courses usually).