[School of Liberal Arts] Notice of Recruitment of Visiting Professor

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May 27, 2022

    Notice of Recruitment of Visiting Professor of School of Liberal Arts, UNIST


    1. Number of the expected to be selected and qualifications
    Area Expected number of people Eligibility Preferential Treatment



    1 person – Master’s (or higher) degree in English, English Education, or Linguistic

    – Those with more than 3 years of educational experience (minimum two years of college teaching experience)

    – A native English speaker with no grounds for disqualification for teacher appointment

    – Those who can work full-time

    – Graduate level teaching experience


    1. Reason for Disqualification

    A. A person who falls under any subparagraph of Article 33 of the National Public Officials Act

    B. Persons judged to be disqualified from employment as a result of a public official recruitment physical examination

    C. A person whose employment has been canceled because he or she has been found to have been hired by another public institution or university in an unlawful way

    D. A person who has a reason for disqualification from appointment in accordance with the Faculty Personnel Regulations of UNIST

    E. Even after the final appointment has been confirmed, the appointment may be canceled if false application forms, falsification of supporting documents, or fraudulent employment are discovered.

    F. In accordance with the provisions of this application, those who have identified unusual matters as a result of background check and sexual offense history test for candidates(those who have passed the final interview) may cancel their appointment through discussion.

    4. Contract Period and Responsibilities

    A. Contract period: 2022.8.29.~2023.8.28.(1 year)

    ※ If necessary, re-appointment may be made based on a predetermined evaluation.

    B. Responsibilities

    – Undergraduate English program class

    – Non-credit English tutoring for graduate students(Short Language Program)

    – Writing Clinic work


    1. Working conditions and treatment

    A. Working Conditions

    1) Workplace: School of Liberal Arts, UNIST

    2) Working hours: 5 days a week(Mon.~Fri.), 8 hours a day on weekdays

    B. Treatment

    1) Salary level: 3.5 million won per month(before tax)

    2) Others: 4 major insurances and severance pay when employed for more than 1 year


    1. Application documents and reception

    A. Application documents

    1) 1 copy of employment application and personal information collection agreement (system input)

    2) 1 copy of CV in English(list all achievements)

    3) Resume

    4) 2 letters of recommendation(1 of 2 letters of recommendation must be obtained from the previous employer)

    ※ Additional documents such as career certificate and degree certificate must be submitted only from those who are eligible for final appointment.

    ※ For blind recruitment, fill out the application documents so that personal information such as age, gender, photo, family relationship, region of origin, etc. is not included in the application documents.

    B. Submission period: 2022.6.8.~2022.6.23.(16 days)

    C. How to apply: Apply through the website https://invite.unist.ac.kr/part_time_eng

    D. Inquiries: Administration Office of School of Liberal Arts

    052)217-3681, [email protected]

    1. Admission procedure and method

    A. Document Screening

    1) Evaluation items: consistency in major field(40 points), excellence in educational achievement(40 points), future contribution(20 points)

    2) Candidates with an average score of 70 or higher are selected within three times of the expected.

    * If there are no qualified applicants, it may be reduced or not recommended.

    B. Interview

    1) Evaluation items: Educational ability(40 points), teacher qualities such as personality(30 points), educational perspective and development potential(30 points)

    2) Evaluation method: Open lectures, seminars, reputation surveys, etc.

    3) Recommend the highest scorer among those with an average score of 70 or higher as those who passed the final interview

    C. Deliberation and Appointment Verification: Determination of final appointment candidates after deliberation by the Faculty Personnel Committee.


    1. Major Schedule

    A. Application submission: 2022.6.8.~2022.6.23.(16 days)

    B. Announcement of successful candidates for document screening: 2022.7.5.

    C. Interview screening: 2022.7.7.~2022.7.13.

    D. Announcement of Candidates for Appointment: 2022.7.29.

    E. Appointment: 2022.8.29.

    ※ Successful applicants at each stage will be notified individually, and the examination schedule and appointment date may be changed depending on circumstances.


    1. Others

    A. Applications that arrive after the application deadline will not be accepted.

    B. If the application documents are submitted by e-mail, the applicant cannot claim for refund. However, for unavoidable reasons, if they are not submitted by e-mail, only applicants who did not pass the final exam may claim the return of the documents submitted by August 19, 2022. Applicants who wish to request the return of the documents must fill out a return request form(Form No. 3 of the Recruitment Procedure Act) and submit it to the person in charge by e-mail.

    C. If the information in the application and submitted documents is found to be false or different from the fact, the application will be invalidated.

    D. Interview time and location will be notified individually only to those who have passed the document screening.

    E. If there are no qualified candidates for each screening process, selection may not be made.

    F. Be careful not to reveal personal information such as age, gender, photo, family relationship, and region of origin in the application documents.

    G. Appointment may be revoked if any of the above reasons for disqualification are met.